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S​ue shares her story

Minimally invasive surgery relieves years of back pain

Sue had experienced back pain since a car accident in 1982, and it got worse over time. Finally, she reached out to SSM Health Dr. Jeff Lehmen. After discussing potential treatment options, Sue underwent minimally invasive surgery. The results were almost immediate.​​ Watch her video.​



About the SSM Health Spine & Pain Management Center

Treatment for back, spine and neck disorders and pain usually begins with a conservative approach, such as over-the-counter medications, muscle relaxers, at-home remedies, physical therapy and pain management.

For conditions in which surgery is warranted, advanced medical equipment and minimally invasive surgical procedures are creating better outcomes for patients. 

SSM Health Spine and Pain Management Center offers specialized expertise in a full range of open and minimally invasive spine surgeries – and uses some of the most so​phisticated surgical technology to help patients overcome spine problems.

Common spine and back conditions treated include:


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