Degenerative Disc Disease

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Degenerative disc disease (DDD) occurs when one or more intervertebral discs of the spine begin to deteriorate. It is a normal result of aging and daily wear and tear on the back, but if left untreated, DDD can cause severe chronic pain.  

Degenerative disc disease symptoms can include:

  • Chronic low back pain, sometimes radiating to the hips
  • Pain in the thighs, buttocks, or legs when walking​
  • Tingling or weakness in the legs
  • Pain while sitting, twisting, bending and lifting
  • Chronic neck pain, radiating to the head, shoulders and arms

Treatment DDD can often be successfully treated without surgery, using one or more methods such as physical therapy, chiropractic manipulative therapy, osteopathic manipulation, anti-inflammatory medications, spinal injections or traction.

If these treatment options do not provide relief within two to three months and DDD symptoms persist, surgery may be recommended.


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