Spine & Pain Management Center | Patient Testimonials

​The Spine & Pain Management Center offers ​treatment for back, spine and neck disorders and pain. We begin with a conservative approach to treatment, and when surgery is necessary, the region's top spine surgeons are right here at SSM Health St. Mary's Hospital. Hear what some of our past patients have to say about their experiences. 

Watch Sue's Story​

Sue has her independence back after undergoing surgery with Dr. Lehmen

A car accident back in 1982 left Sue unable to do the simple day-to-day activities the rest of us take for granted. Surgery with Dr. Lehmen has changed her life for the better.

​ ​

Watch Abbie's Story​

Thanks to treatment from Dr. Rodgers, Abbie is pain free and can walk again

Abbie was in excruciating pain and unable to walk before SSM Health Spine Surgeon Dr. Blake Rodgers removed a seven-inch hematoma from her back. Watch her video for the entire story.

​ ​

​​Watch Donna's Story   ​

After minimally invasive back surgery with Dr. Lehmen, Donna is back on her feet

Donna injured her back and was experiencing intense pain and numbn​​ess.  She came to St. Mary's Hospital and met with Dr. Jeff Lehmen, who determined she had a herniated disc. After discussing treatment options, Donna and Dr. Lehmen decided on minimally invasive surgery. Now, she pain free and back to her normal daily routine. Watch her video​ for the entire story.​


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