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​​SSM Health St. Mary's Hospital - Jefferson City (Adult Inpatient)​
2505 Mission Drive
Jefferson City, MO 65109
Patient Rooms 437-442: 573-681-3471 
Patient Rooms 433-436: 573-681-3470
​24/7 Central intake:
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​Key Behavioral Health Services  

​Visitor Information

​Visiting hours are from 6 to 8 pm, Monday through Thursday and from 5:30 to 8 pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Ensuring the safety of our patients is our first priority.  To ensure the safety of all our patients is maintained, all visitors will be wanded with a metal detector and will be asked to place their belongings in a designated locker prior to entering the unit.  
Upon admission your loved one will be asked to complete a release of information document. Due to confidentiality laws, we are unable to acknowledge the presence of or provide information about a patient to anyone not listed. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Two visitors are allowed per patient to visit in the dayroom area. Visitors must be 16 years or older. Children may remain in the lobby on the ground level while supervised by an adult.  At any time, employees may ask visitors to leave the unit to maintain a safe, therapeutic environment. 

What Can I Bring for my Loved One?

  • Two sets of clothing (no drawstrings, hoodies, belts, boots, shoelaces, shoes)
  • Individually wrapped hard candy
  • Magazines/paperback books (may not have staples or wire spiral)

All packages and items brought for a patient are required to be assessed by an employee to ensure that it is safe to be on our unit.

Please Do Not Bring:
  • Sharp objects
  • Glass objects
  • Medications or drugs
  • Alcoholic beverages or alcohol-containing substances
  • Food
  • Weapons or firearms of any kind
  • Electrical appliances​
  • Personal equipment
  • Flammable materials
  • Toiletries/hair accessories
  • Jewelry
  • We appreciate your cooperation in keeping our patients safe!

    Before Selecting Your Appointment,

    there are some circumstances that require our assistance with scheduling.

    Please verify the following before proceeding:
    • I am age 35 or older.
    • I am NOT experiencing any issues, such as a lump, nipple discharge or other changes.
    • I was not diagnosed with breast cancer within the last three years.
    • I have not breast fed within the last six months.
    • It has been one year or more since my last appointment.
    If you have one or more of the above circumstances, please Connect By Phone. Otherwise, Confirm & Proceed.