Cancer Diagnostics & Treatments


SSM Health provides a team of cancer specialists and the latest technologies so every patient can access exceptional cancer care. From diagnostics to treatment, when you choose SSM Health as your cancer care partner, you will have immediate access to the most advanced technology in the region.

Imaging & Diagnostic Testing Used: 

Other Cancer Treatments Include:

An oncologist may prescribe chemotherapy, which refers to drugs that travel through the bloodstream and destroy cancer cells. May be administered orally or intravenously and is typically given in cycles.

Radiation Therapy
About half of all people with cancer will receive radiation therapy (RT) during their treatment. Unlike chemotherapy, in which drugs circulate throughout the entire body, these processes are designed to specifically place radiation in or near the tumor while minimizing damage to surrounding tissue. 

Cancer surgery remains a leading option for removing cancer from the body. Our physicians perform cancer surgeries for many reasons, including diagnosing, removing, and relieving the symptoms of various types of cancer.​

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    • I am NOT experiencing any issues, such as a lump, nipple discharge or other changes.
    • I was not diagnosed with breast cancer within the last three years.
    • I have not breast fed within the last six months.
    • It has been one year or more since my last appointment.
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