3D Mammography at Women's Imaging Services - Jefferson City

3D Mammography: The Most Detailed View Available

​Early detection is the best defense against breast cancer, which is why nearly 40 million screening mammograms are performed each year in the Uni​ted States. Yet one in every 10 women is called back for additional examinations, often because an image is unclear.​ 

A New Dimension in Early Detection of Breast Cancer​​

FDA-approved 3D ​mammography uses a revolutionary process called tomosynthesis, which allows the physician to better distinguish masses or tissues that could be cancerous. During the procedure, an X-ray arm moves over the breast, taking multiple images that are converted into a 3D image. The physician can then examine this detailed image one “slice” at a time, to see the breast tissue layer by layer.

The use of 3D mammography has proven to reduce false positives or call-backs by 40 percent, and to be more accurate in detecting breast cancers early. Clinical studies have shown that this new screening method finds cancers missed with existing 2D mammography and provides better imaging of masses and other breast abnormalities.​

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