About Sleep Studies

​​​​​​​Through our nationally accredited sleep diagnostic programs, we offer patients complete and personalized care in a homelike environment. Patients generally experience a normal night's sleep during testing. The only differences are that they are not sleeping in their own bed, sleeping patterns are being monitored and they are on their way to receiving therapeutic treatment.The centers are equipped to perform polysomnograms (sleep studies) in order to make an accurate diagnosis of sleep disorders.  A sleep study monitors:sleeping patterns (EEG)breathing patternblood oxygen levelheart ratebody movementsA complete sleep study requires that sensors are placed on various sites on the body such as the chin, legs and torso. Depending on the scope of the study, it takes approximately 20 - 45 minutes to complete the sensor assembly. Once the sensors are in place, you can go t​o sleep.In most cases, if the sleep study reveals a significant level of sleep apnea, Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Therapy is recommended. This method of treatment delivers a small amount of air pressure through a mask during sleep. This pressurized air prevents the airway from collapsing so that air can flow freely to and from the lungs. With proper treatment, people with sleep apnea can increase the quality of life with less daytime drowsiness, improved memory and concentration, better work performance and less health risks.Prepare for your sleep study.​

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