Hospital gift shop expansion, improvements announced


SSM Health St. Francis Hospital Auxiliary is excited to announce the reopening of the St. Francis Gift Shop, formerly called The Giving Tree. The Gift Shop is a specialty store operated exclusively by dedicated Auxiliary volunteers supplying visitors, employees, and community members a great outlet for a unique shopping experience. 

The new shop, now located near the south front entrance of the hospital, is 469 square feet, compared with the old space that was only 256 square feet, an increase of 83%. The gift shop move and remodel was part of the larger project to renovate the emergency department, registration and outpatient areas.

In addition to more space, lines of merchandise have also been expanded to include a larger supply of baby gifts and Ty stuffed animals. Seasonal gifts and décor, many handmade, are also available and will be changed out regularly. There are a wide selection of Willow Tree and Foundation's figurines along with the Benedictine Sisters' handmade soaps, lotions and scrubs. The gift shop also carries greeting cards, scarves, purses and a variety of small toiletries, as well as snacks and candies. One of the newest offerings is the SSM Health apparel that can be ordered through the gift shop.

Proceeds from gift shop sales are used to fund medical career scholarships and hospital equipment needs.

Store hours are from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., with some evening hours. All major credit cards are accepted

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