St. Mary’s Health Center Reveals New Name, Enhanced Patient Promise


​JEFFERSON CITY, MO (September 10, 2014) — St. Mary’s Health Center is announcing today that along with a new building this fall comes a new name.  St. Mary’s Health Center will soon be called SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital – Jefferson City. More than simply a name change, this represents a renewed promise to improve the lives of its patients and the health of the communities it serves.

“This is such an exciting time,” said Brent Van Conia, President of St. Mary’s Health Center. “Not only are we opening a new hospital this year, but we are further connecting together the care delivered at Audrain Medical Center as well as our many outpatient and medical group locations. Together as SSM Health, we will continue to provide an exceptional experience for each and every patient we see – that is our promise.”

The new name links St. Mary’s to its parent organization, SSM Health Care, which has a care network that extends across four states. Earlier this week, SSM Health Care announced its own name change to SSM Health. The organization is transitioning to SSM Health because it better reflects a commitment to managing health and wellness, not just treating illness.

Audrain Medical Center will also undergo a name change to become SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital – Audrain. 

“We are very proud to be a part of SSM Health and also share the St. Mary’s name,” said Dave Neuendorf, President of Audrain Medical Center. “By uniting, we now make it easier for patients to see who we are and how our services are integrated. We want to let the people know that whenever they come to any SSM Health location, they can expect the same quality of care.”

Expect to hear more about this transformation soon. Currently, SSM employees are gathering together across Mid-Missouri to develop and design a consistent approach to delivering an exceptional experience in every encounter. 

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