St. Mary’s Parent Organization SSM Health Care Transitions Sponsorship


St. Mary’s Health Center’s history is forever tied to the Franciscan Sisters of Mary, who founded our parent organization, SSM Health Care. This year, the Franciscan Sisters of Mary will officially transition sponsorship of SSM to a new sponsoring body, SSM Health Ministries. This will occur on Nov. 16, which is the 141-year anniversary of the sisters’ arrival in the United States to start their health ministry. 

"We have great respect and admiration for the Sisters, who for the past 141 years have led SSM Health Care to become what it is today," said William P. Thompson, President/CEO of SSM Health Care. "This change does not impact our commitment to delivering quality and compassionate care to the communities we serve. And for our employees, it means being ever more mindful of the sacred legacy entrusted to us - to carry on our founding sisters’ mission well into the future."
The transition will not change the mission, values or identity of St. Mary’s or SSM Health Care. The establishment of SSM Health Ministries is necessary because the Franciscan Sisters of Mary are no longer able to continue sponsoring the ministries they founded.

SSM Health Ministries will assume ultimate responsibility for ensuring that SSM Health Care retains its Catholic identity. It has received official approval to serve as SSM’s liaison with the Vatican.

The Franciscan Sisters of Mary are active participants in the transition. SSM Health Ministries will include three Franciscan Sisters of Mary and three Catholic lay members. It will remain independent of SSM Health Care and will not include any members who are employees of the SSM health system.​

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