St. Mary's Hospital Construction Project to Open Early

​The $200 million new St. Mary’s hospital will open ahead of schedule, thanks to steady construction progress and cooperative weather, according to hospital administrators.

The new hospital, located along Highway 179 in western Jefferson City, will be receiving patients starting in November 2014, rather than in 2015 as earlier planned.

“We’re thrilled to be able to offer advanced, exceptional care at our new hospital even earlier than we anticipated,” said Brent VanConia, SSM Mid-Missouri president and chief executive officer at St. Mary’s. “This means our patients can experience a whole new level of care even sooner than we thought.”

VanConia says he credits favorable weather conditions and efficient, hard-working construction crews for the earlier opening date.

“We have such a great workforce here on this project,” VanConia says. “And with three-quarters of them local, it’s like our community is literally pulling together to make this happen.”

Key features of the new St. Mary’s:

  • All-private inpatient rooms, including areas for the patient, family and caregivers. The functional design will enhance comfort and safety, as well as staff efficiency.
  • Separate convenient entrances for key service areas, including a dedicated outpatient diagnostic and treatment center and a medical office building.
  • New state-of-the art equipment and furnishings, including fully integrated electronic medical record technology.
  • Noise-reduction elements in rooms and corridors.
  • An open, airy design that provides for a calming mix of natural and soft lighting – along with views to natural landscapes surrounding the facility.
  • Conveniently located supplies and resources that keep caregivers close to the bedside, rather than at centralized nursing stations. 

For more information on the new St. Mary’s hospital project, go to​

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