Visitor Information

Visitor Information

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Visiting Patients at SSM Health St. Mary's Hospital​

Visiting Hours

Visitors can be good medicine for patients. Family members and friends are welcome to v​isit. In order to maintain a safe, comfortable healing environment, the following visiting guidelines have been established:

Visitors must dress appropriately (shirts and shoes are required).

Children should always be accompanied by an adult.

Be quiet to respect those patients who are resting.

If you are sick...

Friends and family members with a cold or other contagious illness are asked not to visit until they are well.​​​​

Visiting After-Hours (8 pm - 5 am)

  • Enter the hospital through the Emergency Department entrance.
  • You will be asked to sign a visitor's log at Emergency Patient Registration.
  • Wear a visitor badge in full sight while in the hospital
  • Sign in at the Emergency Room Patient Registration and get a new badge every time they visit
​ ​

​Gifts for Patients

We know you have the best intentions. Unfortunately, sometimes outside gifts – such as food, drinks and flowers – can actually be dangerous to patients. Please check with the unit nurse before bringing any gifts.​​​​

Gift Shop Hours

Browse SSM Health branded or visit one of our gift shops during the following times.

St. Mary's Hospital - Audrain

Monday8 am - 8 pm​
Tuesday8 am - 8 pm​
Wednesday8 am - 8 pm​
Thursday8 am - 8 pm​
Friday8 am - 8 pm​

St. Mary's Hospital - Jefferson City

Monday9 am - 4 pm​
Tuesday9 am - 4 pm​
Wednesday9 am - 4 pm​
Thursday9 am - 4 pm​
Friday9 am - 4 pm​
Saturday11 am - 4​ pm​
Sunday11 am - 4 pm​

    Before Selecting Your Appointment,

    there are some circumstances that require our assistance with scheduling.

    Please verify the following before proceeding:
    • I am age 35 or older.
    • I am NOT experiencing any issues, such as a lump, nipple discharge or other changes.
    • I was not diagnosed with breast cancer within the last three years.
    • I have not breast fed within the last six months.
    • It has been one year or more since my last appointment.
    If you have one or more of the above circumstances, please Connect By Phone. Otherwise, Confirm & Proceed.